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Frequently Asked Questions

1  What payment methods are available?

2  How can I use a coupon?

3  How will you ship my SmartLoveLock?

4  Can I pick up my SmartLoveLock?

5  How much are the shipping costs?

6  In which countries will be shipped?

7  How long does it take until my SmartLovelock is with me?

8  Can I send my SmartLoveLock to another address or a Packstation?

9  How will I know that my SmartLoveLock was sent out?

10  I have received a faulty SmartLoveLock - What is to be done?

11  There are missing parts of my order - what now?

12  Can I bring my SmartLoveLock back?

13  Do I have to register to a Smart Lovelock to buy?

14  How can I see my recent orders?

15  How do I create an account on

16  What can I do with my account?

17  What information is stored in my account?

18  How do I edit my SmartLoveLock website?

19  How can I delete my account or disable my SmartLoveLock website?

20  What happens if I forget my password?

21  What kind of lock is used for my SmartLoveLock?

22  What is so special about a SmartLoveLock?

23  Is there a key for the lock?

24  What colors can I order my SmartLoveLock?

25  How will my SmartLoveLock engraved?

26  How is the padlock packed?

27  Can I engrave both sides of my SmartLoveLocks?

28  Can I have my own logo or photo engraving on my SmartLoveLock?

29  How much text can I engrave on my SmartLoveLock?